CareenCorriveau | Blue Star & 13th Dimensional Teaching Perspectives
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Blue Star & 13th Dimensional Teaching Perspectives

From a 13th Dimensional Perspective: How do we play our individual and collective note, alongside and in harmony with each other as a complex singular open adaptive Multidimensional System?

In sinc and in speed
both as singular unit + ratio cluster units
in convergence at scheduled premixed time-sinc frequencies (cycles)
with each other, and away from each other
both beside, and apart from each other
simultaneously through multiple pivot points
travelling at different time speeds alongside and within diverse unchartered unknown space location with no scale
in all at once together consciousness, but apart, alone, individual consciousness …….

as multiple streams through pivot points, a convergent spectrum of simultaneous established codes (harmonics with key note signatures) held in alignment through mediums of expressed geometry and symmetry.

First priority, how do we converge Our needs and requirements for newborn life in Our Present Environments: Birthing Our Evolutionary Futures?

Time to begin forever is Now

Blue Star &13th Dimensional teachings will expand further in future articles. Written by HydraC.C, on behalf of Blue Star

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